stanford® lighting

Stanford® Lighting brings LED technology's economical and social benefits to traditional lighting users.

Stanford® Lighting develops and makes from LED chips to Lighting system. All Stanford® Lights are well developed and engineered to achieve best Cost Energy Performance by choosing the optimum wafer and chip supplier

Our production facilities are accredited by ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949. It is housed on a plot of 350,000 sq ft morden factory. Our products are manufactured in World-class Clean room and by fully automated semiconductor equipments from reowned technology leader in the world. Stanford® Lights are fully tested and stressed by computerized tester for 48 hours before delivered to our customers.

All Stanford® Lights relieve customers concerns over maintenance by years of warranty. Leading in the lighting business.

Latest projects

  • Caltex Petrol Kiosk

    Flood Light

    Highly Reliable & Fume Proof. Lighting designed for the comfort of car owners and save up to 2/3 operating cost and warranty are provided.

  • Sheraton Hotel

    LED Strip, LED T5, LED T8, Down Light & Spot Light

    We are engaged to be the lights consultant for the hotel. Discussed with management on the correct lighting used. Lights play a big part in the atmosphere and ambience.

  • Warehouse

    High Power Bulbs

    We measure and install all builbs in the location specified by the ID. And we have great feedback in the product quality!!

Product Categories

  • General Lightings

    Lightings that are mostly used for general purposes.


    Industrial Lightings

    Industrial lightings are more of a quality and hardcore lightings.


    Hotel &

    The lightings here are the ones that can create the ambience.


    Lighting Fixtures

    Looking for fixtures? We have the best fixtures and look no further!